You are still adored Billy!

Microsoft spearhead Bill Gates is going to celebrate his 56th birthday this 28th. With the advent of Opensource Revolution, he is often portrayed as a pirate of the silicon valley. But many of us forget, that it is him who was a leader in making every household have a pc that was easy to use. Linux wouldnn’t have done that ever! (It would take ages still to be able to be used by a guy who is putting his hands on the computer for the first time.)

FOSS enthusiastics complain that it was him who hid the source code for the first time. Well, but then they tend to forget that it was his software and it was completely ethical how he wanted it to be distributed. Why allow someone else to edit his code and distribute as their creation?  I wouldn’t allow that either!!
I’m not against the FOSS ideology, but making false allegations to promote it is completely ridiculous. Let there be a healthy competition! why hit below the belt? (Having known that most of the windows viruses are created by Unix users ;)) Let’s see who comes out on top.

But for now, I just have one thing in mind. Happy birthday Billy! You’re still adored for your achievements and contributions for the software industry. (Society too, with Bill-Melinda Foundation doing a lot in AIDS prevention initiative.)
Not to forget, my best friend Ganesh is going to share his birthday with the great Billy, so I wish him great heights just like Billy 🙂

8 thoughts on “You are still adored Billy!

  1. Advice to you–keep writing and reading the works of others. Your writing is unique and full of pssion. Write about the real world around you, your feelings, and from your imagination. As a writer you own the world, yet if pride takes over you will lose your perspective. Write like you’re the best, and congratulate the least. Be humble and see each day as if it were your first and last,and
    appreciate each moment. Write each day, whether you feel like it or not. Not all of it will be your best. Publish the best and save the rest. Often there will be nuggets of wisdom or things you missed that you can use later. Above all have fun and meet friends.

  2. Dear frnd chinmay
    here i want to confirm u one thing. U said that most of the win virus are created by linux users. But one thing u should note that without knowing the working nature of the any os he cannot create the virus. So he must be good user of that OS. And also we can write viruses in any of the os. Not only we need linux. And also linux is the best os for hackers. They love it. As u said i agree that linux may not that much user friendly, but it is better than any os. Probably 97% of viruses are not activated in the linux. And one thing u must note that the microsoft server is running on the linux base. I think u like billy most. But it must not hide the truth Plz.. And keep on writing.

  3. I didnt say that linux isnt great, buddy! Even I’m from the software fraternity and i know how good it is. I use ubuntu very often alongside windows. It’s great for developers and hackers as you said.
    My point was criticizing Bill Gates for the promotion of Linux was totally unnice and non-agreeable.
    Hope you get my point. Thanx for stopping and visiting my page. Hope you keep doing that and encourage me.

  4. Then do u think blaming GOOGLE for promotion of windows is nice?? lol
    Actually there is no point to blame billy for promotion of linux. Every one who think abt hacking will use Linux. As well as many software companies bcoz of virus and they also think of money..!
    u know one thing who named Bill Gates has Billy? It is our INDIAN and Porki hackers…

    Adesh Kumar C T

  5. Well, I’ve seen people who follow FOSS blaming Billy, and it’s basically targeted to them. And I’ve already made it clear that Linux is tailor-made for developers and hackers, no doubt about that.
    It’s not right portraying someone with a pirate’s mask who has contributed so much to the industry and society- and this statement is for those who are making such allegations.
    thanx… 🙂

  6. Ya sure i agree wit u my frnd. He contributed more to the industry and sociecty. One thing i want to get u know. From my 5th I’m the big fan of gates. Still i’m. But we must not judge the person in a single way. I’ll say promptly. Ur writing is good. Keep writing. If u like to contact me plz mail me at

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