Without You…

I cherish how it used to be before,
You beside me along this very shore,
The warmth I was given with your caress,
And how you made me feel amidst a sea of distress-
That I am the happiest, by any lore.

My windows had dehisced a weird morning to embrace,
With the air around off its grace,
With no signs of silky hairs breezing onto my face,
No signs of sweet voice that enlivened my ears,
Like a perpetual nightmare- so fierce.

Now I’m afraid; never was I before,
With nothing to pace my heartbeats along,
Nothing to actuate my mind to explore,
And in my head is a string of memories so long,
Vague, yet persistent like a piece of art,
Filled in every inch of heart.

(25th September 2010)

28 thoughts on “Without You…

  1. Filled n every inch of heart… Who is that doll filled in ur heart maga….???

  2. Yes. Those painful memories continue to haunt us no matter where you go, no matter how much time passes by…
    Still they have something in them, that makes us reluctant to live without them!

  3. he he! in fact, my friends complain about the same thing…
    Writing poems with simple yet beautiful words is a skill which is still in a process of development for me. Hope You can notice that my recent poems are composed of simple words but they are weaved into a complex and crafty piece. I’m learning and I always will be 🙂

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