Think Again!

The Kashmir issue getting into heat more than ever, with the Arundathi Roy controversy. My thoughts are not interested in debating whether she has done a mistake or not by making such statements. Rather, there is a much more important issue everyone is forgetting in the wake of patriotism of rest of India or Aazadi of Kashmiris. If Aazad Kashmir is created as an autonomous state, will it be safe? Will the peace really sustain? Is Kashmir powerful enough to enjoy sovereignty amidst three nuclear nations haunting make it their colonies?

For a moment I’m keeping my patriotism away to have a clear mind in this debate.

Now, at present India has given 1/3rd of Kashmir to Pakistan (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir), and China already is in control of another 1/6th- the Aksai Chin (Since the Sino-Indian war). So, a neutral eye would say that all three are now even Stevens. But then the problem is, the greed- to ask for more. If you ask me, this is the best possible combination to start building up peace in Kashmir. India has shown its willingness for peace by keeping quiet even if more than 40% of Kashmir is not under its control, so why can’t the other two nations do the same? It clearly proves that it is them who are responsible for violence in Kashmir (Pakistan primarily.)

In this situation, if Kashmir wants its own country, is it not making a horrendous mistake? Clearly, it can be safe only if it chooses to be with India. It cannot survive in the middle of three power-hungry nations. So, now the only option is compromise, and other options would only accelerate violence in Kashmir.

So, Booker woman, think again! you seemed so much sympathetic  to Kashmiris; and if you really are, think again about this.


8 thoughts on “Think Again!

  1. Ya chinmay wat u said is right.. Compromise is the only possible way to get rid of the violence in KAshmir, and also the reason for the violence in Kashmir is none other than Pakistan and i think China also supporting Pak in back. Pakistan don;t want to have a peace in INDIA(only Pak poiliticians. Many Pak ppl hate this) . But china is looking to expand his territory, to make the project Greater China successful. The only stone which is in front of this project is INDIA. It is just supporting Pak bcoz of the reason it is the rival of INDIA. And this BOOKER AUNT, don;t know wat happen to her. I think she must get admitted to NIMHANS. That is the best place for her..
    The article is Nice and ur writing too. Keep on writing…

    • There’s a lot to talk about India-China-Pakistan trio and their proceedings right now. I foresee some more posts on this topic in the days to come…
      But the unfortunate thing is, many of us don’t know what PoK is, why India lost to China in the Sino-Indian war, why India is not able to get into a permanent slot in UN security council, or in fact where Kargil war was fought! (It was in India, damn it! It’s us who had the loss!)
      Ignorance is not bliss, at least for Indians 😉
      As I said, I have a lot to say, and eventually i will.
      Thanks for your readership. 🙂

  2. Nowadays, i’m feeling that, journalists are behind fame.. They just want to be famous overnight.. Its easy if they talk on some controversial topics.. Aru did it from begining.. She says that she is against the capitalists and accepted booker which was started by a capitalist. She did it even with maoist.. There is surely injustice done to tribes.. But the way that maoist have chosen is surely wrong.. They don’t even encourage education.. This lady supports them.. I recently read an article in outlook.. It says the judgement was against the justice.. It says muslims are cheated.. Writer say that it is just based on faith of hindus.. Then why are muslims so attached to their BABRI MASJID, is it not faith? Where journalists n thinktanks of India are leading us.. India is proud that its secular.. But ask any politician, they mean only safeguarding interests of minority.. Is there no concern towards majority..? Where is India going? I pity the situation.. There is need for something very important isn’t it guys.. Do we’ve some role to play in it..?

    • Absolutely, Shashank! cheap promotion is all they are up to…
      Even Azaruddin once said that he was from minority community and so he was driven for match fixing! Isn’t that ridiculous?
      ‘Driven’ it seems! More than everything, he’s an Indian! Indian captain! the responsibility had to drive him, not anything else.
      He’s ashamed to admit that he was after money, and thus tried to bring in community for that!
      This is the reason why even the innocent and good people are treated indifferently. People should stop using community as a mean to guard their mistakes and become open minded enough to live together in this beautiful country.

  3. Readers are the ones who build an author… Without good readers no author can grow, nor can he survive! thanks for hopping in, and I promise you my best content whenever you visit again! thanks once more for your readership 🙂

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