Never Lose Yourself

I see you desolate, sitting bare,
Losing everything you owned,
Losing everyone you loved,
Managing only a lifeless outstare,
At the black skies painted in cloud.

But remember,
When you feel that no one’s beside you,
When no one asks about your day- so somber,
With nobody meaning their smiles for you,
You have me, always with you!

After everything, you still have me;
I’m you, just believe in me.
I promise you that if you trust me,
I would get you better things, don’t ever lose me.

(4th November 2010)

28 thoughts on “Never Lose Yourself

  1. Chinmay,

    Go the link below and submit your post for the poets rally competition.

    Spend some time reading the details and making your submission. You would enjoy the outcomes after submission.

    Good luck.

    Vinay Chaganti

  2. That’s really a very important note to self, Chinmay… After all, we are our very own best friend!
    A cool friend to share this message… I suppose we need such reminders every now and again… 🙂
    Loved the way you built your way towards the end.. very nice!

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