When I’m walking with you!

When I’m walking with you,
I’m a feather floating in the cool air,
Dusted with melting mist: warm and so rare,
Like the kiss of an angel I don’t know from where!

When I’m walking with you,
I’m a bird flying free in the clear skies,
Caressing the mountain peaks: graceful and nice,
Seeing everything I want even with the closed eyes!

When I’m walking with you,
I’m a kid: gentle, innocent and cheerful,
Stupid, yet very lovable and playful,
Making every day so lively and wonderful!

When I’m walking with you,
I’m me, loving everything in the world,
I’m me, living every moment I could harness,
I’m me, seeing light where others see darkness,
‘Coz with you, I’m the best in the world!

(11th November 2010)

64 thoughts on “When I’m walking with you!

    • Almost every romantic poet in the world has talked about how light your heart and soul become when you are in love. You forget your sorrows, with everything you see being eternal beauty everywhere…

  1. Love is so hard to define… It is both the most precious thing in the world and luckily, freely available, if we know where to look. You captured the feeling of pure bliss so well… Beautiful.

    • I’m grateful to all the wonderful women who have made their men create such wonderful pieces of poetry 🙂
      It’s love that fuels a poet like me, and i assume the same to many more…
      Thanks for hopping in and commenting 🙂

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