Solace In A False Hope

You never know what a liar I am,
Making you believe in my stories: so sham.
Your eyes never bared a doubt of any sign,
Never did they find a curve ball in mine.

I was not guilty looking into your lovely eyes,
As if heeding the calmness of the azure skies,
Pretending to be unconditionally honest,
Well aware that you always mean me so earnest.

I was not timid breaking a promise,
Mindful of your trust, ignorant of its bliss,
Detached and disrespectful to your fancies,
Letting everything drown in the obscure seas.

I’m not moved so much with your goodbye,
Not that I deserve it, but with false hopes that lie,
As always, blended with my breath, solacing my soul,
That I’m feeling positive and serene as a whole,
That you would never let me go!

(Originally written on 10th October 2010 with the title ‘A false hope’. Edited 2nd and 3rd stanza today to make it up to ‘postable’ standards.)

15 thoughts on “Solace In A False Hope

  1. Oh wow… well written! Honest and very heartfelt kinda!
    The funny thing about love (or anything worth mentioning) is that when it’s right there staring at us in the face, we tend to ignore it and take its presence for granted.. and then when it’s gone, we rant over our loss and misfortune!
    Gee… we are so duuhhh ! 🙂

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