KDE India Conference, Bangalore

It is an amazing experience to have participated in the conf.kde.in, organised at RV College Of Engineering, Bangalore.
Not only was it a great learning experience, but we all had fun- with the likes of Knut Yrvin dancing,  Prashanth Udupa and Adriaan de Groot with their great sense of Humor, and what not!

The five day event had three days of technical talks revolving around Qt and KDE applications like Calligra and Akonadi etc. Greatest gain from this event for a guy like me who did not know Qt at all before was that i got to know how to’s of Qt and able to write basic GUI apps in Qt (I’m proud!). Guess what, I’ve already made my mind to proceed with Qt for my Computer Graphics project and if possible, to use it many other contexts as well! 🙂

Adriaan de Groot

With Knut Yrvin

With Knut Yrvin

Not only that, many open source DVDs were given away, including just released Open SUSE 11.04, Kubuntu, and the guys from IIT Bombay distributed many spoken tutorial DVDs about Python, Ubuntu and Linux, Latex, Scilab and about the Spoken tutorial technology itself!

Keerthan Pai posing 🙂

All in all, I really had a nice time in the awesome environment of RVCE (not to forget! thanks to all those volunteers.) and all the Speakers around the world for coming here to Garden City and making it such an exciting and resourceful event. There were lab sessions too, about Building the first KDE app and bug fixing, that added more meaning to the First ever KDE India event.

This inspires me to attend the GNOME Asia Summit happening first time ever in India, in Dayanand Sagar College Of Engineering, Bangalore in half a month’s time. Looking forward for yet another informative and awe-inspiring time there.  🙂

(Link for Asian GNOME Summit: http://2011.gnome.asia/)

5 thoughts on “KDE India Conference, Bangalore

  1. Oh yes, I’ll definitely try to make it to GNOME Conference… (Unless India reaches final of ICC CWC of course 😉 )
    Nice meeting you too, Aadesh! And Kousalya, yes we got to learn a lot of things 🙂

  2. Hey really missed knut’s dance.. Bt enjoyed and learned a lot. Came to knw abt Qt, as u said got some CD’s, Badges, and a mind full of entertanment with some sort of knowledge.. And also had a chat with Maria(One who gave speach on contributing to kde).. God cant explain here abt those 3 days.. Bt missed the KDE T-Shirts.. 😛
    Any way it was a chance to meetu wid keerthan… And also waiting for u ppl to come to our clg fr Gnome summit….

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