The History Of India

Was looking for this for a very long time. I’m happy to have found one that looks authentic.

Bhartiya Chronology 3228 BC – 1947

3228 Descension of Bhagwan Krishn
3139 The Mahabharat War
Start of Brihadrath dynasty of Magadh
Start of Yudhisthir dynasty of Hastinapur
3102 Ascension of Bhagwan Krishn
Start of kaliyug
2139 End of Brihadrath dynasty
2139-2001 Pradyot dynasty
2001-1641 Shishunag dynasty
1894-1814 Gautam Buddh
1641-1541 Nandas
1541-1241 Maurya dynasty
1541-1507 Chandragupt Maurya
1507-1479 Bindusar
1479-1443 Ashokvardhan
1241-784 Shung and Kanau dynasty
784-328 Andhra dynasty
509-477 Jagadguru Shankaracharya
328-83 Gupt dynasty
328-321 Chandragupt Vijayaditya
326 Alexander’s invasion
321-270 Samudragupt Ashokaditya Priyadarshin, or
Ashok the Great
102BC-15AD Vikramaditya, established Vikram era in 57 BC
25-85 Shalivahan, established Shalivahan Shak era in 78 AD
85-1192 There were several kingdoms of Rajpoot kings all over
India. They ruled for 1,107 years.
1192-1757 In 1192, Mohammad Gori invaded Delhi (Hastinapur) the
second time, defeated and killed Prithviraj Chauhan, and
became the king. Since then several dynasties of
Muslims ruled India for 565 years.
1757-1947 In 1757 English regime was established in Bengal.
British ruled India for 190 years.
1947 India got Independence


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