Cloud: safer, cheaper and better! Deathbell for physical storage?

How much do you think you can save your data online for FREE forever?
50 GB?
100 GB?

Surprised? If this is going to be the case, then I would not need an external hard drive or hundreds of optical disks for my backup of a huge chunk of media files summing up to hundreds of Gigabytes. Yes, you dont need them anymore. All you need is a decent internet connection so that you could sync your files online, as large as 2 GB each.

Ready? Well then let’s see how.
Having new players into the cloud storage domain like Amazon Cloud Drive and AVG LiveKive, it is only going to make it more convenient for the user to choose from and more competition means more services at ease to the user. Having said that, you would not want to login to each service to upload/download your files, as it would be a tedious job for a guy like me who doesn’t know what is stored where! 😉

So we use a simple free desktop application called Gladinet Cloud Desktop to access all these services at one place, so that we would have a cloud drive in your computer with the capacity you need (Expandable at your will). To start with, do the following:

  • Download and install Gladinet Cloud Desktop from here.
  • Once done, add all your cloud storage accounts into the Gladinet client. The interface looks something like this:
  • If your service is not on the list, you can choose ftp or an Anonymous WebDAV server, and then enter the webDAV url of your service. (Just google for your service’s webdav support; most services support webDAV. For example, I use service a lot. they give away a cheesy bulk of 10GB storage with 2GB filesize limit. 4shared webDAv url is

  • Once you have set up all your accounts It looks something like the following. (Remember, any number of accounts of the service can be added; for instance, I use three 4shared accounts and that means 10×3=30GB!)
  • That’s it! You can use these drives like any other normal drives in your sytem. Everything gets synced automatically.

Wasn’t that simple enough to say that cloud is way more safer, cheaper and better than the conventional storage options like magnetic and optical disks? I could foresee, physical storage options will soon die out and be restricted just with the machine’s inbuilt storage. Cloud is the future of computing. Go cloud! what are you waiting for? 🙂

Any queries are always welcome 🙂


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