My Day As I See It

As light seeps in through those windows,
I wake up for another day of drama getting in,
Another day to be faking out of the house,
Another of those smiling competitions you never win.

As the sun travels through the skies,
I stray along like a vagabond,
Not sure of where to go or rise,
Too afraid of every step and bond,
‘Coz I can’t see any more with these dying eyes.

And as the sun drowns getting old,
I go back to bed with that routine hope,
That I would wake up in a different world,
If not for real, at least in my dreams to cope,
Praying for never coming back to this world.

(17th December 2011)

9 thoughts on “My Day As I See It

    • Well, yes. ‘Coz every poem I have ever written, in one or the other way portrays what’s going on in my life at that right moment. It’s not deliberate; just that I let the poem flow on its own rather than making it happen.
      I appreciate your keen observation. Thanks!

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