Writing For Oneself

I often wonder when many accomplished writers say, “It doesn’t matter to me whether anyone reads what I write or not, I just write for myself.” Is that statement straight in meaning or does it have a different intent altogether? Because I honestly believe that something written that’s not read by anyone else is simply a collection of words and letters. It becomes literature only when it  it is read, discussed and appreciated/criticized. Otherwise what you write is no more than the entries of your personal diary.

Of course, that statement of writing for oneself has a hidden intent: passion. Just go on writing what you like and feel, without worrying about the result. When you are done with it, well, think about whether to share it with others or not. It just means that what other people like shouldn’t stop you from writing what you like to write. Just because most people don’t like what you write you don’t need to change your ideas on writing. That’s what writing for oneself comes in. Obviously, no writer would want his creations go unnoticed. Problem chips in when that self motivation inside somehow dies off. If you can somehow handle this scare, you are the master of your great writing talent the Almighty has bestowed on you.


4 thoughts on “Writing For Oneself

  1. I think we tell ourselves that because we eventually get fed up with trying to conform our passions to a criteria not set by ourselves and we get distant from who we dreamed of becoming. Such words give us courage and make us feel empowered to keep moving forward. Good post.

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