You Are Everywhere!

You are in the light that bathes me every day,
In the morning beams of the gold and grey,
In the afternoon gloss of the month of May,
In the colourful vistas of the dusky heights,
And in the candles that light up my dreamy nights.

You are in the air I breathe in: calm or fierce,
As the fragrance of your embrace steers,
With the same sweet hum in my ears,
And the same warm breeze over my face,
Drifting me in the perfect flow and pace.

You are in every raindrop as I look up to feel it,
In its kiss as intense and as tenderly fit,
With the softness of your lips in its every bit,
With the same passion I can surrender to;
A deluge of love I can get lost into.

It’s you as I gaze up at the clear blue sky,
In fleeting white clouds low and high,
I see you everywhere I don’t know why!
As I close my eyes my doubts deplete,
‘Coz you are brighter now, close and complete.

(20th June 2012)

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