A Fresh Thought on Alternate Universes and Afterlife

There have been numerous ideas about alternate universes and afterlife with ample pieces of sci-fi fiction revolving around them. TV series Fringe and Lost have presented several ideas which have been very fascinating to me. The other day I was watching The Devil’s Advocate and it fed me a fresh thought about how alternate universes could be and how afterlife can be linked with it.

Alternate universes are innumerable, yes. They are according to the choices we make, yes. But at any given point of time, only one universe is alive, for a given person. Taking the example as in the Devil’s Advocate, Kevin Lomax makes the choice of winning the case instead of being honest, and it takes him into a different alternate universe. When he dies, he comes back to the same point (universe) where he had made that choice. So this addresses the quest of afterlife as well. When someone dies, he goes back to the previous universe where he had made the choice to lead him to this universe (Goes one level up). In technical terms, it is backtracking a balanced tree with innumerable child nodes and an infinite height.

So that means, every person has his own set of alternate universes that are slightly different. So to imagine the number of universes that exist, we need to imagine the dimension every individual creates with his decisions everyday. So the world, is not 3-Dimensional as Newton once imagined, nor is 4-Dimensional as Einstein suggested. Rather, it has as many dimensions as the number of decision making individuals/objects that exist in the universe. So clearly, the number of dimensions itself seems to be an uncountable number, let alone be the number of universes that are possible.

I’m not saying this is the only correct explanation to afterlife and alternate universes, but I’m just adding another idea to the huge chunk of them that already exist. May be a day would come when the right one would be picked up with the proof everybody would be convinced of.


3 thoughts on “A Fresh Thought on Alternate Universes and Afterlife

  1. Nice thoughts to keep mind at rigorous work of continuous imagination! But in the world where every point is cross checked for every word, it seems mere an illusionistic thought to keep dwelling in imaginative work! Even if going by Einstein’s relativity whole world is nothing but mere illusion with respect to one or the other frames of reference…… I’m sitting here at present with earth frame of reference and not with respect to alpha century (nearest start, spelling might hav been wrong!)! For some star I may have not been born yet!! All because the light reflected out of pics of my birth haven’t reached there still!!! Ahem! Where does this all gonna lead…. Nowhere!! But your idea of thoughts certainly introduced before us an imaginative genius like Einstein, after all he too was sb of this sort! Applause Mister TIME:)

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