Extremities Are the Ones That Count

Right from my childhood, I have always wanted the best things I see around, to be mine. I remember the time when the most sophisticated and the costliest compass-box came into our village’s only shop, when I somehow convinced my Mom and Dad to buy me the single piece available before anyone else goes and grabs it (I was just 7 years old then and all I knew using was the pencil in that box). In school I always was the first to class and in the rare times when I was second or third, it used to hurt me real bad. Even my teenage crushes were two of the hottest girls in my class and in no way I saw them out of my league! And even today, I just walked into a Croma Store and I spent half an hour with HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3 to finally say, Damn I’m gonna buy one of these! So from the beginning, I always wanted the best, and anything second made me feel defeated and worthless.

This attitude of mine gave me a life with a lot of extremities to cope up with: both sweet success and deep doom. But one thing I learnt from everything I did and everything I got was that mediocre life wont be remembered for a long time. When you look back, you see only the extremities that stand tall, be it good or bad. Good ones bring smile on your face, and the bad have made you strong and taught you lessons.

About an year ago- in July 2011, my life was absolutely different from the one that I’m living now. I was desperate, hopeless and clueless of what to do to get things right on my way. Then I used to work for a Software Startup as an Intern. Not just because I needed to build up my resume for the campus placements that were about to begin, but because I was ashamed of myself. I once used to be the Numero Uno and popular of sorts and I suddenly had realized that it was all lost at once. I didn’t have an achievement to boast about since a long time, and it kept bothering me. So this Internship was also a kind of hibernation for me, that I chose to escape from the world that was going all against me. I deliberately did it the hardest way, staying all alone in the backroom of a diagnostic lab in Lal Bahadur Shastri Nagar (where most things smelled shit and rotten beef) for about 2 months. It was kind of a self punishment. Not because I like to (nobody would), but that I believe in spare the rod spoil the child. To its meaning, things changed after that. What I did in those tough two months came to my rescue in the interviews. For what’s even more, the girl I dreamed about for years finally came into my life. And now I’m writing this, with a feeling of peace and an air of complete happiness around me.

So, things change and the good times always come by our way sooner or later. It’s just the extra minute we need to hold on when we are caught in trouble or in distress. Extremities again, always make the life so delightful to live in. Positive ones for obvious reasons, and the negative ones by teaching us how to achieve positive extremities more and more.

I believe!

2 thoughts on “Extremities Are the Ones That Count

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