Long Term Ambitions

It’s often difficult to be in line with what our long term ambitions demand. Sometimes, it so happens that we come half way through and we realize that our priorities and the interests have changed. I watched a movie recently which was one my favorites when I was 17, and it made me think: Really? I actually LIKED it so much? I’m sure most of you would have had similar experiences.

But when it comes to one of those real hard ambitions you had a long time ago, things are a little different. You aren’t just surprised. More often than not it makes us disappointed too!
Back in the school days, I wanted to be a writer and a teacher, but what I am doing today is something entirely different. Some questions flash in front of me every time.
Does it mean that I’m not liking what I’m doing now? Does it mean that I did something wrong for myself? Does it mean I have abandoned that dream of mine?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, you’ve got to sit back and think about this for a while. And the end result of that thought-process has to be a decision that would make sure you are happy with yourself in regard to those three questions and your answers to them.  If your answers are NO to all three (and you are being honest with yourself),  you have got some things to do, and you know what to do as well. Just bring plans into execution at the earliest. Well, my answers are all NO, because I still write (If not much), and I still have time to be a teacher (I guess I’m too young to be someone who would be listened to. 😛 )

Long term ambitions are just dreams, if you are a person who takes life as it comes without bothering about what you actually wanted in the beginning. But if you are a person who believes in making things happen and writing your own future, you definitely have all possible chances that you would turn your dreams into reality.

After all, we are what we choose to be, from the choices life presents us.

I believe!

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