Is Our “Independence Day” Aptly Named?

The only part of history back in high-school I didn’t like was Indian Freedom Struggle. To make it worse, we had it for three protracted years for study. If this hadn’t been the case, History would easily have influenced my career path and I might even have become a historian of some sort. I saw no order at all in our Freedom Struggle, that we see in the rest of world when we look back in time. We had so many people who fought and sacrificed their lives, alright. But there was no organisation. Ironically, before the time of British we didn’t even have a full fledged map of India! And to be factual and direct, we wouldn’t have gotten independence in 1947, had the Labor Party not come to rule in Great Britain to decide to give independence to all its colonies. All we had were kingdoms that fought among themselves, continuing the same even after British figured they could make use of it. For example, the so called First War Of Indian Independence (1857) didn’t have any support from the whole of South India at all! Weren’t the people aware? Or were they afraid?

Then later, there were people who tried to organise the whole of India, tried to build up unity. But it was too late! The damage was already done. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we give these patriots any less credit, but what I mean is, why do we always wait for the damage to happen? Why aren’t we proactive like other nations? The same blunder happened when China attacked India in 1961 Sino-Indian war: we least expected it. In any corner of the country you go, even today, there is a lot of regionalism, linguistic divide, and more reasons to fight among each other, rather than a spirit of unity a nation like ours badly needs.

So, I see no point in simply remembering some patriots who sacrificed their life for the country decades ago. That’s not what “Independence Day” is about. In fact, we aren’t fully independent; with corruption, poverty and several communistic divides torturing us more than what British did. This should be a day we take oath to stay united and put nation first, and chart out strategies to become really independent. Let it not be day we boast independence, rather a day that made us aware about the real independence we all deserve.

Happy 15th August!

2 thoughts on “Is Our “Independence Day” Aptly Named?

  1. Hi Buddy

    It makes me recall lot of things we studied about freedom struggle. But have you ever thought, how we actually lost our freedom and got ourselves into the hands of the Britain? If you can find it out, the answer will blow your mind–I bet. 🙂


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