How Far Can Kapil Sibal Go?

I DIDN’T KNOW! I didn’t know that our Union Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Kapil Sibal as a lawyer several times represented India’s most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim. Earlier I used to dislike him for his controversial internet censorship and sms bans; and now that i know this horrendous fact, I truly hate him. After backing a terrorist who is responsible for most underworld crimes of Mumbai and elsewhere, what right does he have to even become a minister? What baffles me even more is this question: how can our own people back him and vote for him?

After those sms bans, he now is targeting twitter accounts. He has already claimed to have blocked @i_panchajanya, @barbarindian, @scamsutra, @ekakizunj and @redditindia. Come on! What right does the government have to curb citizens’ freedom of speech and expression like this? What right does this moron sinner have after all?

We have jackass IAS officers like Vishvabhandu Gupta who thinks that cloud technology doesn’t work when it rains (Link here), and legislators who hardly are educated enough (of course, they are literate. But there is a difference.) So, whatever rules they make, whatever bans and censorship they outline, we’ve got ways to bend them and bypass them. If uneducated dumb government angers its talented citizens, there are people who can dismantle the whole mediocre IT infrastructure the government has in unsafe hands who are still struggling to understand it, let alone be protecting it.

So, Mr. Sibal cannot go very far, even if he runs his ass off. But as citizens, we have to understand and be aware of who is who and not let these morons take control from next time. Sibal is dreaming, trying to do what even US could not. Because the Internet doesn’t belong to anyone. It is free and independent. Sibal and the government must understand it (cloud works even when it rains 😀 ), before fathoming about controlling it.

What do you say people?

One thought on “How Far Can Kapil Sibal Go?

  1. Its good (!) to know about him being supporter of a massacre… Fowl actually!! May be he was amicus curie in his case from SC… The otherthing called censorship is perhaps impossible! The said twitter accounts which have got blocked, perhaps can be opened from other ISPs!!!

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