Politicians or Political Parties?

L-K-Advanisonia gandhiEver since I acquired interest in politics, I have always wondered about one convoluted question: Why do we Indians have to vote for a set of people that with both capable leaders and power-hungry jackasses, without knowing who would finally end up ruling?

In my opinion, this is one of the major reasons why a large part of today’s youngsters are indifferent towards elections and voting. Their argument could be like all politicians are the same or politics is dirty, but what they actually mean from the inside is that they don’t know what’s going to happen even if they do vote, simply because even in a democracy, voters have no control as to who would be their ruler ultimately.

Take our prime minister for example. How many of the voters wanted Manmohan Singh to be our PM for 10 protracted years? On the other hand, consider US which is the strongest democracy. Voters there knew whom they are voting for! They knew that it was either Romney or Obama! My question now is clear: why can’t we give our voters the same clear picture countries like US gives during an election?rahul-gandhi
One of the WTFs I personally have seen is the last minute chickening out of Sonia Gandhi in 2004. So in a nutshell, you be there in the winning party, and you might get a chance be a PM someday? I’m not saying that our PM is incapable, I’m just saying that he’s not a PM made by the people, as it should have been in a democracy. Right? Democracy is not selecting a bag of apples when you don’t know which apple inside the bag would be given to you, (you might as well get a rotten apple!) it is about transparency where you can pick the one you like. Narendra-Modi

Now, with Congress having hinted and projected a number of times that Rahul Gandhi would be its prime ministerial candidate, and with BJP being comprehensively dominated by Narendra Modi’s exemplary performance, why can’t these political parties go ahead and announce who would be who? Why don’t they give citizens enough time to decide on the people who are going to rule them?
After all, that’s what is democracy all about!

What do you say, people?

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