My Review: Sharp Objects

Don’t judge a book by its cover, they say. No offence to anyone, but if something delayed me from reading this book, it was the weird and not-so-catchy title it boasts. I’m sure Gyllian Flynn named this novel only after completing it.


As I started reading, the first 5% of it was a page turner, giving me an impression that it was a really good murder mystery novel. But as I read forward, I could understand that it was much more. If you are a reader who keeps away from  darkcreepydisturbing and violent novels, you may not want to read this. But if you are a person who relishes such reading experiences, this book gives one big bout of them.

I’m often the first type for a reader, but I continued reading the book because of Gillian Flynn’s extraordinary writing style: it’s very different, and I’m impressed. Though many of the things she talks about in the novel seem to be irrelevant to the story-line, you would be surprised about how that comes back sometime later as very relevant. Without those characters that are so alive, the plot of the book would have looked very ordinary. The only thing I did not like as much in the novel was the quickly shifting sets and scenes, which were not very smooth and I took some time to get the context sometimes (May that’s the way she writes!).

The story doesn’t have many twists and turns, but the last few pages more than make up for it. At a point I almost thought, the story is over! Why are a few more pages still remaining?

It is difficult to rate this book as not everyone can love or hate this book. But when I finished the book, there was an air of satisfaction and I thought that there could not have been the better climax to a fairly good story that was extremely well told. Having said that I rate it 7 out of 10,  planning on reading Gillian Flynn’s The Gone Girl as well.


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