The Shining: Right Among Top 3

the-shiningI always wanted to read a Stephen King book and what a book to begin!
Gripping story, flawless flow, and well described characters are the three phrases that come into my mind when I try to explain how this was to read.

I actually had a few goosebumps when I was reading the book. I generally am a slow reader and I do not read more than a few chapters a day. But with this book, I just couldn’t help but read along! Every night I used to tell myself at least thrice that it would be the last chapter before I go to bed, and actually read a few more before getting realized that I was running so late. It was really un-put-downable in its true sense.

What impressed the most in the book was how the characters were so elegantly presented to the reader in the beginning and then when I had them so close to me, the story took off with its fullest pace. When it did, it really got into my head. Stephen King’s seasoned writing skills were clearly visible as I went on reading, and I could not find even a single paragraph that I thought was unnecessary (Which I find in so many).

Although, there is one trifle that might be the reason I wouldn’t rate this 10 out of 10: Al Shockley. I felt that it was not clear why he didn’t want Jack to write a book about The Overlook. And if he did know something (bad) about the hotel, why did he offer Jack a job there in the first place? (considering that the two had a pretty good relationship as friends).

So, if are a fiction reader and you haven’t read this book yet, I strongly recommend that you read this. I really don’t think there is anything much I can take away from this book, and I can rate the book easily 9 out of 10. It’s almost a perfect work of fiction and makes a place right among my Top 3.

Happy Reading!

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