Message In A Bottle: When Romance Meets Fate

The Notebook is the best romantic novel I have read yet and Message In A Bottle just adds another reason to read more of Nicholas Sparks. The book met every bit of my expectation. Just as in The Notebook, there were so many occasions in the course of the story which filled my eyes every time. For those of you who believe romance is boring stuff to read and haven’t read one of Nicholas Sparks’, I definitely recommend this book (or even The Notebook).

These are some of quotes I liked from the book:

“Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that.” 

“But because they didn’t see each other very often, their relationship had more ups and downs than either of them had experienced before. Since everything felt right when they were together, everything felt wrong when they weren’t. ” 

One recurring theme in his books though, is that the story doesn’t quite end up the way everybody wants it to be. I cannot say how it would be if that changes, but it would certainly save some of our tears. But then, may be that’s the message he wants to send out through each of his books: true love is rare and you never let it go!

There are a few flaws here and there in the book that I would happily ignore (including some impractical circumstances), and most of them are fixed in the movie version – which is nice as well.

I would rate this book somewhere around 7 out of 10, keeping back the other 3 with me as The Notebook was even more intense to snatch away an 8.5 probably (that is not taking anything away from this, as they have two different plots). Go ahead and read this if you want to take a nice break from the racing game of a life we live everyday.

Happy Reading!

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