Rape infested India: How can we stop this shame?

First it was in Delhi, then there were in various parts of UP, and now in cosmopolitan Bangalore. These are just the instances that are coming into light, and there and hundreds more in darkness unable to surface. Will this madness ever stop? Can women walk in the streets alone without the fear of these monsters who have no soul inside? The monsters who don’t even spare six year old kids who are denied their childhoods? Everybody cries and protests about giving harsher punishments to rapists. We want them hanged, stoned to death, take away their manhood, and what not. I agree that current laws are a bit too soft on rapists and we need to give tough punishments including death. I agree that juveniles who are old enough to rape are old enough for punishments, too. But punishments don’t really stop rapes. They do justice in a sense, yes. But they are only post-mortem acts. So, alongside harsh punishments, we also need to look at preventive measures and the root cause of the creation of these monsters. How many men India do not get to marry a woman at all? 1 in 20 at least? How many men are unemployed and frustrated in life? 3 in 10 at least? How often do they get to have sex compared to to people in other developed countries or even the Arab countries? These are some of the reasons why humans start behaving worse than animals. These are some of the forces that turn them into monsters. I am not speaking for them, I’m just trying to be open and fair. If we want a healthy society, we need to do something about this part of the men population. The tough decisions that have to be taken are both short term and long term. sex ratioLong term solution is in checking the declining sex ratio (sex ratio is inversely proportional to crime against women: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_sex_ratio): Give out incentives to to the couple who have a girl child. Take out the bar of population control when it comes to girl child. Give harsher punishments to female infanticides (impractical, and I personally prefer my first suggestion.) Create jobs and reduce unemployment among youth. Decisions that are short term are like legalizing prostitution. Then at least a major chunk of rapists who rape just for sex can be directed elsewhere. For those who rape for pleasure, we have no preventive measures but to shoot them in the head. Hope the authorities take make these tough decisions of both harsher punishments and more importantly the preventive measures to uphold the dignity of women in a country that worships women as Goddesses.

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