First Draft is Finally Done!

Two and a half years as an engineer who writes on weekends, my tortoise pen has finally made it. On a roller coaster ride, if something has taken a beating from this marathon, it’s my blogging and poetry. So, I thought I would share it through my blog.tpot

In the post Before It Is Something Else, I had mentioned that I was working on this idea of mine from high school and I would finish the first write-up sometime by late 2013. I actually took nine more months but I think it has come along better than I had imagined then. With around 60k words, it still lacks detail on the characters and the places (including a temple far-off the east coast I’m planning to visit.) But what I could put together in those forty-one chapters was the full story I had in my mind, excluding the minor character flashbacks. The second half of the draft is still unpolished, and I’m sure a lot of work is still on my plate before the first re-write.

But since a full length story is done writing with and foundations are all strong, I can now take a breather to drift back sometime into poetry and blogging perhaps. All along the two and a half years, I kept setting deadlines for myself – which I missed more often than I would have liked – but it helped in keeping me serious about it. And on rare times when I could actually meet some of those, it felt like I had won Gold in Olympics.

I’m hoping that the re-write phase would also be as exciting as this one, with major part of it getting spent on research – reading a few books on the topic including my own draft, and visiting a few places.

Meanwhile I have asked a few of my friends to go through my draft and suggest improvements, and I’m thankful for their agreement. 🙂


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