About Me

Hi I’m Chinmay, working at Netapp Bangalore as a Software Engineer. Back in the school days i used to fill up notebooks with stories and articles, and now I’m an engineer with lot more resources in hand. Why not make use of it?
So, I write programs for living and poems and others to make it wonderful to live. A variety of things fascinate me, including literature, poetry, technology and philosophy. I’m from the place where rain, ghats and greenery make the first impression: Sirsi, Karnataka. I love watching a lot of movies and TV shows as well, along with my love for reading and writing fiction. Like most Indians, I’m a crazy follower of cricket as well. I hope you have a wonderful time visiting my blog.
Keep coming back whenever you can.

Thanks! 🙂

E-mail: mchinmay@live.com


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello buddy

    We are not known to each other.
    But I sense that you will make your blogging worthwhile.
    I enjoy your language. And I already appreciate your categorization and titling.

    Vinay Chaganti

    • Thanx Vinay 🙂
      I’m really encouraged with your support.
      I’m aware that you are much more experienced than i am.
      Let that experience help me sculpt my skills to be better and better.
      Keep guiding me.


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